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O Office 365 agora é Microsoft 365. Novo nome, mesmo valor agregado.

Meet Buysoft

Meet Buysoft

Buysoft is the leading reseller of original software in the Brazilian national market. For the past seven years, we have been providing the best software on the market, ranging from operating systems, office applications, image editors and even software for security, collaboration or for specific sectors such as architecture, engineering and construction. In addition, we have a growing range of cloud computing products –as hybrid, private or public solutions.

Our team is comprised of professionals certified in the delivery of software asset management (SAM) services, data security, implementation and management of productivity solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, among many others. To ensure that you always have the best service, we offer unlimited free support to all our clients, putting you in direct contact with our team of specialists when needed. We are prepared to help you increase the effectiveness of your business and to improve the productivity of your team anytime, almost anywhere!

  • Vision


    To be an international leader in software innovation.

  • Mission


    To market solutions that transform businesses and improve quality of life.

  • Values


    Excellence, honesty and ambition

Who we serve

We have the trust and loyalty of thousands of customers from many different segments, of all sizes. We cater to everyone, including individual professionals, micro and small businesses as well as large corporations throughout Brazil.

Why buy from Buysoft

  • Security and tranquility

    Security and tranquility

    We have earned the trust of companies throughout Brazil and officially represent the world's largest software manufacturers, such as Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe, Oracle and many others.

  • Full Portfolio

    Full Portfolio

    Software is in our DNA. At Buysoft you will find everything you need for software licenses, workstations, servers, security solutions, productivity, cloud collaboration and more!

  • Specialized care

    Specialized care

    You will always be served by professionals who know what they are talking about, because we have a team with internationally recognized commercial and technical certifications. Call now and check it out!

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We work to give you the best experience possible. We will be on hand to help you throughout the process of activation and implementation of your licenses and we are the only ones in the market to offer free unlimited after-sales support.


It is essential to have a reliable partner with a specialized team who can effectively support your business. Buysoft is ultimate authority when it comes to software, because as well as having the right technical skills, we have the official recognition of the world's largest software manufacturers.

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